Fiance Visa I-129F (K1)

Fiancée Visa Application I-129F Attorney Alexandria VA

Fiancée Visa Application I-129F Attorney Alexandria VA

What is a fiancee Visa I-129F? First of all, congratulations on your recent or upcoming engagement! Now you want to bring your fiancée to the United States. This process can be much faster than getting married abroad and then adjusting status, however, it is also more expensive with regard too fees. Further, there are more limitations on who can file a fiancée visa over a normal I-130 for a spouse. If you would like to bring a fiancée to the United States and you live in Virginia, please find an immigration lawyer who can help you if you live near Fairfax, Loudoun, and Arlington and Prince William counties.


In order to petition for your fiancée, you have to be eligible. You have to be a US citizen who is able to marry. That means you are not currently married. You also cannot be a registered sex offender or have committed a violent crime in the past. You and your fiancée must plan on getting married within 90 days of coming to the United States. You must get married within these 90 days and then or shortly thereafter file for an adjustment of status. There is also the requirement that you had to have met your fiancée in person within the last two years. That means you two were physically present together in a place, either here in the US or abroad. There are certain waivers for this requirement such as if culture prohibits it or it is too expensive.


You will be required to submit to USCIS your birth certificate or your naturalization certificate to prove you are a US Citizen. You will also need proof that you met in the past two years and statements of your intent to marry each other within 90 days of coming to the United States. It also helps to show your relationship and include text messages or the equivalent to prove you have been in communication and have a real relationship.

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