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Hire an experienced immigration law attorney who is committed to your success.File once and be done! Representation before USCIS, NVC and Immigration Court…

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Civil Law, Business Law and Immigration Law Firm Alexandria, VA

At Mughal Law Firm we believe in providing effective and proven legal services to you – our clients! Attorney: Faisal Shawn Mughal, Esq. is committed to your success! We ensure that our clients are given the necessary time, experience, and zealous advocacy that our clients expect from us. Our area of concentration focuses on contract drafting, business and civil case before the General District and Circuit Court in Alexandria Virginia and much more, along with a concentration in immigration law before U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS), National Visa Center (NVC), and Arlington Immigration Court, in addition to general legal matters.

The firm is also admitted to practice before the United States District Court Eastern District of Virginia.

Make an appointment today and visit our conveniently located office that is in Alexandria VA. Hire a proven and effective law firm for your civil and business representation.  Choose the right immigration lawyer for your representation before USCIS, Executive Office of Immigration Review, and Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE). Contact us today!



Case subject summary

I take pride in my work and believe in zealous advocacy for my clients. I am a driven hard-working experienced attorney and believe in providing effective legal representation and advice. Contact me today!


Mughal Law Firm was established to provide legal services to the local community in Springfield Alexandria Virginia in October 2013. The law firm started taking immigration law cases immediately along with eviction and warrant in debt cases in the General District Court.  The firm now handles business, civil, contract, and immigration law cases on a daily basis before the General District and Circuit courts of Virginia and immigration cases before Arlington Immigration Court.

We also practice law before the United States District Court Eastern District of Virginia.

Mughal Law Firm’s founder and Principal attorney, Faisal Shawn Mughal, leads and guides the firm’s staff. He received his Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) in May of 2008 from James Madison University in Harrisonburg, VA. He received his Juris Doctor (J.D) in May of 2012 from Widener University School of Law in Harrisburg, PA.

We believe in a systematic and friendly approach to understanding your legal matter. We will always strive to dedicate the care and time necessary to understand your questions and concerns and to provide informed and effective legal representation. Effective legal negotiation, arguments, and evidence presentation are the tools by which we stay true to our commitment to your success!

Our core values are driven by our understanding of and our commitment to hard work. We believe in good, honest, and reliable work ethics and work hard to ensure that each client is represented zealously and effectively. Call and speak with us today!

We believe that we have an ethical obligation to be committed to your success. It is our duty to arrive at the truth and promote your best interest. Through effective plea bargaining, negotiation, and trial strategies we are able to consistently use our past and new experience to advocate for a favorable outcome for our clients.

Our legal skills and experience allow us to promote and reinforce our commitment to your success. At the core of our approach is our attorney-client relationship with our clients, which obligates us to be fiduciaries of our clients and to look after your best interest. Call now to make an appointment! (703) 672-2165.

We take business dispute cases, partnership/shareholder disputes, business purchase, and sale representation, along with lawsuits between parties, contractors, and vendors. Civil complaints and warrants in debts in the General District Court along with Circuit Court’s in Northern Virginia. We also represent landlords in eviction cases (unlawful detainer).

New business entity formation and incorporation with the Virginia State Corporate Commission, articles of incorporation, Fairfax County Business Professional Occupational license, filing VA SCC annual reports, filing for business EIN number with the IRS, election of S Corporation status, registered legal agent services, and related ongoing services as necessary in Alexandria VA and surrounding areas.

We have been helping our clients with their immigration applications and legal representation before the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services, the Immigration Board of Review, and Immigration Court for residents of the VA DMV area. We’ll draft, prepare, and submit your application for Marriage Sponsorship, Fiancee Visa, Green card (I-130), Citizenship Application (N-400), Affidavit of Support (I-134 I-864), Asylum applications (I-589) before the Asylum Office, USCIS Appeals form I-290B, Work authorization IAD (I-765).

We have also taken on deportation cases before the Arlington EOIR immigration court related to Asylum, Cancellation of Removal, Administrative closures, and termination.

We take on work involving business contract review and drafting for buy-sell agreements,  partnership agreements, corporate agreements, employer agreements, contractor and subcontractor agreements, promissory notes, and confessed judgment promissory notes.

Do you have a Nondisclosure and Confidentiality agreement that needs to be drafted or reviewed?  Keep your business and dealings safe with employee, contractor, and vendor invoice agreements. Contact our law firm, we are easily accessible in the Alexandria VA and surrounding areas.

Do you have a civil or immigration legal matter that needs resolving?

Although all cases are different and past results do not guarantee future results, hire the lawyer with the experience to win!

Legal Services Offered

Business Law

We can help you establish and maintain business by (1) advising you of the different entity types for tax purposes, (2) filing articles of incorporation with Virginia SCC, (3) register your business with Fairfax County, (3) register your business with Virginia Department of Taxation, (4) register for and EIN number with the IRS and related entity formation and legal maintenance services for your business in Alexandria VA and the surrounding areas.

Civil Law

We are experienced in handling civil lawsuits related to civil and business disputes such as partnership, shareholder, contractor agreements, employee nondisclosure agreement. Money disputes related ownership, vendors, contractors and unpaid invoices. Warrant in debts in the General District Court and Civil Complaints in the Circuit Courts of Virginia. We also take on cases related to evictions, unlawful detainer, and property lease disputes and property damage cases. We also take on interpleader cases.

Immigration Law

We take the hassle out of immigration sponsorship applications and offer immigration law advice to client in Springfield and Alexandria, VA and surrounding areas. Let us ensure the success of your petition to sponsor your spouse, children, and family members. Let an experienced immigration attorney help you file for Green Card, Citizenship, and Immigrant Visa Application forms such as I-130, I-90, N-400. We also taken on deportation cases before the EOIR Arlington Immigration Court.

Contract Drafting & Review

Our law firm can help draft, review, and provide feedback on business purchase and sale agreements, shareholder and partnership and ownership agreements, employee agreements, contractor and subcontractor agreements, along with nondisclosure and confidentiality agreements. We also draft and review commercial and private property lease agreements.








Prince William

Attorney: Faisal Shawn Mughal, Esq.



B.A., J.D.

I received my bachelor of arts from James Madison University where I also was a member of Alpha Phi Omega (APO) - Fraternity. I received my Juris Doctor from Widener University School of Law - Harrisburg, PA. I am authorized to practice law in the Commonwealth of Virginia. I am a member of the Virginia State Bar and hold good standing in all jurisdictions.




I have taken cases and have successfully represented clients in business purchase and sale, shareholder disputes, partnership disputes, contractor and vendors disputes along with customer disputes. I have also represented client in civil lawsuits for monetary disputes and contract disputes along with eviction and correction of vital records. I have successfully handled immigration case filings and immigration court cases.


Law Practice

State & Federal

I take on business, civil, and contract drafting/review cases in Virginia state courts and practice federal law in immigration matters. The majority of my appearances before the General District courts are for warrants in debts, unlawful detainers (eviction), and vital records correction. I have appeared before the Circuit courts for civil complaints about monetary and contract disputes. Most of my immigration cases are for family sponsorship form I-130, asylum I-589, Affidavit of Support I-864, and N400 along with deportation defense before Immigration Court.


Courts Served

Northern Virginia

As an attorney I believe it is my obligation to provide quality and timely service. To serve that purpose I limit my practice to Alexandria, Arlington, Fairfax County & City and Prince William County General District Court and Circuit Court. I also practice immigration law before USCIS, DHS, ICE, NVC, and EOIR Arlington Immigration Court. My office is in Alexandria, VA next to Springfield and as a result I am conveniently accessible for immigration law and business law cases.

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