Business Law Attorney Alexandria VA

Business Law Attorney Alexandria VA

Business success in the Commonwealth of Virginia partly lies in having a competent team steering your organization in the right direction. Among the most critical professionals to include in this team is a business attorney.

Numerous processes and  documentation go into incorporating a business in Alexandria, VA, let alone keep it running legally. Involving a skilled and experienced Virginia business lawyer, therefore, becomes a necessity, if not mandatory, for business owners. Mughal Law Firm is here to help your business with these complex maters.

We are the legal professionals you’ll want to consult when making critical business decisions. We pride ourselves in offering top-notch business advice that has seen businesses set out and operate for years seamlessly.

Trust in our experience and knowledge to file correct, error-free Articles of Organization of a Virginia Limited Liability Company, Articles of Incorporation of a Virginia Professional Stock Corporation or  Articles of Incorporation of a Virginia Nonstock Corporation that conform to the legal boundaries. This goes a long way to shorten the document processing time, so you get your business going in no time.

Finding it hard to settle on a business type? Look no further than Mughal Law Firm attorneys for reliable, tested expert advice and opinion that will get you started in the right direction.

Business Incorporation

virginia business formation incorporation attorney lawyer

When you incorporate your business, it becomes a legal entity with a life of its own.There are several perks associated with business incorporation, with the greatest advantage being that corporations have perpetual existence.

Secondly, corporations are easily transferable and come with tax benefits. They also have limited personal liability, meaning owners are not personally liable for the corporate lawsuit and debt. Business incorporation laws and procedures vary from state to state.

In Virginia to legally conduct business under a business name your must incorporate and register your business with the Virginia State Corporation Commission. 

Furthermore, some regulations and requirements might be too complex to be understood by someone unfamiliar with business laws. It, therefore, helps to seek the assistance of a skilled business lawyer who can explain the conditions to you and get your company incorporated without a hassle.

IRS EIN Number Registration

irs ein registration attorney lawyer

Employer Identification Number(EIN) registration follows business incorporation. EIN is the business version of the Social Security Number(SSN) and doubles up as a federal tax ID. Getting and maintaining the EIN is easy; however, certain requirements must be met for these actions to be effected. Work with Mughal Law Firm to learn about the employment and income and excise tax laws and their relation to EIN.

The bottom line is once you are registered with the State Corporation Commission the next step is to apply for an EIN number so you can then open a bank account and start doing business.

Armed with years of experience in getting multiple businesses started and running, Mughal Law Firm is sure to facilitate the IRS EIN Number registration process besides offering you expert legal advice that will keep your business thriving.

Business License Registration

Fairfax BPOL License Application registration attorney lawyer

By registering your business name, you comply with the law, so you avoid constant struggles with law enforcement officials and possible business closure. The registration also prevents another person from running a company under your business name.

For example you must have register for a an Alexandria Business License or if you are in Fairfax County you must register Business, Professional and Occupational License (BPOL).Something else about registration is that it legitimizes your services and products, helping you earn more trust from your customers and clients.

There are three standard ways to register a business in Virginia- Register with the Virginia State Corporation Commission and if required a file a DBA (Do Business As), establish a business structure, and register your trademark. We can guide you through these stages so you make concrete decisions that deliver results and within the boundaries of the law.

Business Structure Advice

Deciding on a business structure is among the hardest decisions for a beginner. Here, you’ll need to tread carefully as virtually everything in your company is dependent on its structure, right from daily operations, paperwork required, taxes, ability to raise initial capital, and much more. When pondering business structures think of sole proprietorship, partnership, LLC (limited liability company), corporations, and cooperatives.

An in-depth study of each structure is vital, so you settle on a choice that strikes the appropriate balance of benefits and legal protections. Most beginners are prone to make costly mistakes at this stage, so you’ll want to seek valuable business structure advice from a reputable Virginia business lawyer to avoid future regrets. Contact Shawn Mughal for help.

Need Help with Partnership Agreement?

When entering into a business collaboration, you must draft and sign a partnership agreement.It is a written contract that defines the terms and conditions of the collaboration, including the management roles of the partners, percentage ownership, and length of the partnership, among other critical aspects.

The partners must agree to the terms and sign the document. The contract protects the business and partners during already-outlined circumstances, such as when one partner intentionally and knowingly breaches the particular terms. Whereas you may DIY draft a partnership agreement, it’s wise to have a business law attorney- like Shawn Mughal- review the document before you sign it. He boasts the knowledge and experience to seamlessly identify and correct loopholes that may compromise your defense during dispute resolution.

Business Bylaws

When you register a new corporation with the state of Virginia, it’s upon the board of directors to formulate bylaws that are undoubtedly critical to the smooth operation of a business.Bylaws outline information about the corporation, board of directors, shareholders and meetings, and other general provisions, including financial audit and corporate records.

These principles serve to protect the rights and highlight the responsibilities of CEO, directors, committee members, and stockholders. They can also help with nominations, elections, and dispute resolution in your corporation. You don’t have to struggle with bylaws formulation. Enlist the help of Mr. Shawn to draft bylaws that cater to the needs of each party in your organization and guides your corporation in the right direction.

Registered Agent Services

To conduct business in Virginia you must have a legal registered agent that can receive notices and important documents addressed to your business. Having a reliable legal registered agent will ensure that your business receives legal notices on time and at the right address.Wrong document handling can land you in trouble with the local and state authorities, sink you in disputes with stakeholders, and cost you significant cash in terms of penalties and fines.

It’s therefore essential to partner with an experienced and trusted registered agent who will be responsible for receiving and handling your business documents, including compliance-related papers and process notices. Work with a registered agent services provider who is available, in terms of location and time, to receive and process your legal notices and documents for your business.  Effective communication is also essential when working with an agent, so you act accordingly and in time.

Leave your business documentation to attorney Mughal Law Firm a proven and reputable service agent with a long history of helping mega corporations reach their desired performance heights.

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Don’t let legal hurdles prevent you from launching your business ideas, whether you’re starting a corporation or own an ongoing business. Bring on board a trusted business lawyer to get your business operations flowing seamlessly. Mughal Firm Law VA, is your top choice for legal business advice in Virginia, whether you want help with partnership contract, business registration, formulation of bylaws, business structure, or other services listed above.

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