Student Visa for Minor Children Kindergarten through Grade 12 and options for Parents

Student Visa for Minor Children
January 22, 2024

F1 student visa for minor children is available to allow attendance at a private Kindergarten through Highschool institute in the U.S.  The child must attend private school that is SEVP (Student and Exchange Visitor Program) certified. If the child is going to attend high school then a public high school can be attended but only for a maximum period of 12 months. So essentially any minor children (under 21) who wish to obtain F1 Student Visa for Minor Children to attend kindergarten through high school will need to be enrolled in a private school that is SEVP certified.

The Virginia Eviction Process

Virginia eviction
January 08, 2024

As unpleasant a subject as Virginia eviction is, as a tenant, it is wise to know the laws before you find yourself in a lawsuit with your landlord. Knowing the steps, you can prepare yourself against unfair and unlawful practices in Virginia  eviction by your landlord. A landlord must give you a Notice of Default or Termination before a landlord can proceed with the Virginia eviction process. For unpaid rent this is usually a five-day notice. For other reasons for Virginia eviction a thirty-day warning is given.

Understanding the United States Immigration System

May 11, 2023

The United States has a complex and often controversial system of immigration law that regulates the entry and stay of foreign nationals in the country. The legal framework governing immigration in the U.S. is primarily based on federal statutes and regulations, with some state and local laws also playing a role.

Help With Your Contract Dispute Needs

April 27, 2023

Contract disputes can arise for a variety of reasons, such as breach of contract, misrepresentation, and failure to perform. These disputes can have significant financial consequences for all parties involved. Mediation is a useful tool for resolving contract disputes because it allows parties to work together to find a mutually agreeable solution without going to court.

Pets And Divorce 

April 17, 2023

There are many small aspects of divorce cases that are often overlooked. Getting a divorce can affect every part of your life down to the little things that one may not consider. One of these little things is family pets. Pets are a huge part of family life and deciding how they will be taken care of after a divorce is very important.

Orders of Protection In Divorce

January 23, 2023

Relationships sometimes take a turn for the worse when one spouse starts abusing the other. When there is abuse in the relationship, it is best for the couple to be separated, especially if there are children involved. An abused spouse seeking a way to protect him or herself from domestic abuse can seek a civil order that would keep the abusive spouse away for a period of time. As our own contracts lawyer knows, working with an experienced attorney during a contract dispute of any sort is imperative for your safety.

What To Know About Truck Accident Liability

January 20, 2023

Personal injury as a practice area involves a wide, diverse range of accident scenarios. From car accidents to wrongful death, personal injury lawyers are trained at handling a variety of cases. From minor injuries to more debilitating ones, a lawyer is capable of building a case and finding evidence to help accident victims receive the compensation that they deserve.

How Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Benefits Debts

January 05, 2023

Trying to get through mounting debt can be difficult, particularly if you are faced with job loss, a medical crisis, or other financial disaster. You may feel stressed and overwhelmed about the status of your finances, especially as creditors continue to call and pester you without relent. Thankfully, there are financial options available to individuals and businesses that can help them rebuild for their financial future. When given a choice, many people prefer to use Chapter 7 bankruptcy instead of other chapters because it allows them to begin anew by discharging their personal loans, credit card debt, and medical bills, in addition to allowing them to recover faster.

5 Common Reasons People File For Bankruptcy

December 09, 2022

Filing for bankruptcy is often a last resort for homeowners and business owners alike. Unfortunately, the number of people filing for bankruptcy in the U.S. is steadily rising. We’ll explore five of the common reasons why people file for bankruptcy according to a bankruptcy lawyer with our friends at Pioletti Pioletti & Nichols.

Hit And Run

December 02, 2022

Hit and run accidents are no joke according to a car accident lawyer from The Lynch Law Group. They occur when an individual crashes into other property, cars, homes, mailboxes, or even people, and flee the scene at any point before making any report with law enforcement and being told they can leave the scene. Any time a driver hits anything and flees the scene before communicating with the property owner or person involved or law enforcement, they have committed a hit and run; hit and run is a criminal offense.