Immigration Board of Appeals Decision in Matter of S-L-H & L-B-L

June 30, 2022

Virginia Overtime Wage Act- VA Code § 40.1-29.2

June 02, 2022

Should I Consider Estate Planning If I’m Young?

Should I Consider Estate Planning If I’m Young?
March 01, 2022

Estate Lawyer

February 27, 2022

Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Lawyer 

Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Attorney
February 21, 2022

Sometimes unexpected finances can come up, which can cause families and business owners to pay higher expenses than normal. If the financial issue does not get resolved in an efficient manner, this could lead to debt and eventually filing for bankruptcy.

Top Reasons To Hire a Civil Litigation Lawyer

Litigation Attorney
February 17, 2022

When many people hear of civil litigation lawyers, they may think that the lawyer will force the client to go to court and will take all their money without actually helping them. This is an entirely unhelpful picture of civil litigation lawyers and it can mean that many people are not getting the legal representation they need when they need it the most.

What Papers Do You Need To Save?

Business Lawyer
January 10, 2022

Sometimes it feels good to get rid of clutter. Cleaning out papers we have kept for years is a good project. But there are some guidelines to be aware of before you put a pile of papers on the scrap heap. Individual circumstances guide the exact documents that should be retained, but there are some general rules to be familiar with.

Finding a Burn Injury Law Firm

January 07, 2022

If you have a burn injury, it's a good time to find the right lawyer who helps you weigh your options. You may need a good team to help you fight a case so that you get properly compensated for long-term damages. Here are some tips to help you get the right burn injury law firm.

Credit Card Debt: Middle Class Problems and Bank Profits

November 04, 2021

Despite historically low interest rates, consumer credit card rates have remained at uncontrollably high rates.  Although borrowing rates for America’s largest banks and credit card issuers have held steady at record lows for the past five years, consumer borrowers have seen no relief in the form of reduced interest rates or monthly payments.  This means that:

USCIS Changes their Policy for Immigrant Victims of Crime

August 20, 2021

Congress created the U nonimmigrant visa in 2000 when it passed the Victims of Trafficking and Violence Protection Act. The purpose of the U visa was to encourage immigrants to report crimes to law enforcement and also to afford protection for those willing to cooperate.