Asylum Application I-589 Attorney Alexandria VA

Asylum Application I-589 Attorney Alexandria VA

What is an asylum, I-589? Most Asylum seekers enter the country without realizing they have an asylum claim. Often, they enter to avoid the dangers that await them back home and it is not until they are settled, they realize they have a claim for asylum. Unfortunately for most, they do not have a chance to settle before they are arrested and put into deportation proceedings. It is important therefore to know if you qualify for asylum before you are arrested or as soon as you can. These are the requirements USCIS and the immigration courts consider when deciding an asylum application.

Membership of a Particular Group

The first prong of the Asylum test is that you are a member of some identifiable group. This group could be a race, religion, political party, nation, or Social group. This means you cannot be a target based on being you. For instance, if you are facing persecution in your home country because you committed a crime, that is not a group. However, if you are facing persecution because you are LGBTQ, then that is a group, even if it is your decision to be out and open about it in a place where it is a crime.

Fear of Persecution

Next, you need to be in fear of future prosecution based on past persecution or have proof of impending persecution if you were to return to your home country. Persecution is more than people will laugh at you, it is that your country will imprison you without cause, torture you, kill you, or beat you bloody. Further, it doesn’t even have to be your countries government, It can be individuals who your county can’t and will not control.


Finally, you have to be eligible for Asylum relief. You cannot have been previously deported or be a dangerous person here in the United States. If your particular group is a terrorist political party being targeted by your country’s government, you cannot be granted asylum because there is reason to believe that you would be dangerous to people in the US.

Even if it is clear that you meet the above qualifications, you should still consult an Immigration attorney to file your Asylum application. Immigration attorney’s are particularly skilled at using your facts and evidence to produce the most efficient and quick results. If you qualify for Asylum in Virginia, please find an immigration lawyer who can help you if you live near Fairfax, Loudoun, and Arlington and Prince William counties.

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