Immigration Lawyer Arlington, VA

Person sitting in their car holding a cup of coffee in one hand and a phone in the other to call an Immigration Lawyer Arlington, VAAs an Arlington, VA immigration lawyer understands, living in the United States without a status can be stressful. Your worst fears may be brought to life if you receive a notice to attend immigration court, or you hear that a family member of yours has been detained. There are a few reasons why someone may have to present before a judge, such as the government does not believe you have authorization to be there, the government suspects that you have done something that warrants removing your authorization in the U.S., or you arrived at the port of entry and informed customs and patrol that you were too afraid to return home. If you need assistance with an immigration related issue, please contact us at Mughal Law Firm.

There are many people with immigration court cases, and only a limited number of judges. Throughout the duration of your case, you may have one or more bond hearings and must prove that your case merits a stay in the country. Depending on what your options for relief are, you may have to fill out and submit applications and other documents to the government, such as briefs for why your stance is justifiable by law. Fighting an immigration case means that you need a legal team on your side who understands how this area of the judicial system works. We know how to negotiate with immigration so that people can find resolution in their case. We empathize with the fact that more than anything else, you probably just want freedom. You deserve to feel safe. If you need a lawyer right now, call an Arlington immigration lawyer immediately so we can intervene and learn how to best help you.

Other tips to consider include keeping a log for each time that you have left or entered the country. Continually organize files that have your name, a location, and date on it. There may be times when you have to prove you were in the U.S. at certain times, and these records can greatly influence the outcome of your case. The last thing you want to do is rush to gather years worth of evidence, when you could have been slowly building a file like this during your time here.

Additionally, do not seek advice from a notary public, this person is not a lawyer nor are they allowed to practice law. You may see advertisements that they are immigration consultations, but do not contact these people. They are not qualified to assist you. There have been cases in which a notario helped someone with their immigration case, but it only led to serious consequences because it was not handled properly. At Mughal Law Firm, you can trust that we truly have your best interest and future at heart. Immigration law is complicated, and difficult to take on alone without legal support. If you are dealing with an immigration case and wish to remain in this country, please contact an Arlington immigration lawyer as soon as possible. Do not let the days and years go by, the time to protect yourself is now.