I-485 Attorney Alexandria VA

I-485 Attorney Alexandria VA

Adjustment of Status I-485

Are you ready to apply for permanent resident status? Are you in need to file an adjustment of status I-485?  If you are and want to know if you are eligible or what you need, then please follow this handy guide and if you live in Virginia please find an immigration lawyer who can help you if you live near Fairfax, Loudoun, and Arlington and Prince William counties.

Who is Eligible?

You are eligible to file an I-485 if . . .

  • You have an Approved I-130 through a family member
  • You have an approved I-140 through your employer or are as qualified EB1, EB2, Or EB3.
  • You have a special immigrant visa through your work with the US government.
  • You have been granted Asylum status by an immigration court or refugee status from the UN.
  • You have an approved WAWA petition
  • You qualify for various other statutory reliefs

Who is not Eligible?

Even if one of the above apply to you, you may still be ineligible for a green card. There are many reasons your green card may be denied but among the most prevalent reasons are the following. If you have certain crimes on your record such as possession of marijuana, you will be denied a green card. There are waivers that you may be eligible for, but generally you will be denied. If you have violated US immigration law previously, you will be denied a green card. If you are perceived as a dangerous individual for whatever reason, you will be denied a green card.  Further, if you were admitted as a crewman on a boat, as someone in transit through the US, or someone coming to testify as a witness, you will be denied a green card.

Additionally, and recently, you can also be denied if it appears as if you will become a public charge or in other words, be relying on social welfare upon establishing residence in the US.

What do you need to file an I-485?

If you are going to be filing a form I-485, you need proof of your eligibility. That means birth certificates, passports, proof relating to your eligible category, proof that you aren’t in one of the ineligible categories, a medical examination, and proof you won’t become a public charge. Often proof that you will not be a public charge come in the form of an I-864. However, some of the eligibility categories do not require and I-864 so if that is the case, prove your assets and employment.

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