Corporation Lawyer in Alexandria, VA

Corporation Lawyer Alexandria, VA

Owning your own business can be a rewarding and satisfying experience. What is not rewarding is dealing with corporate governance, annual filings, and the general legal issues faced by businesses today. Often if your business is not a fortune 500 company, you may not be able to afford your own in-house counsel to deal with those legal issues. That is where a corporation lawyer in Alexandria, VA, may be your solution.

Businesses face legal issues and questions daily. Most can handle these issues if the stakes aren’t too high. However, having experience and legal knowledge at your side is a must for more pressing matters.

The important legal issues most commonly faced by businesses are as follows:

  • Incorporation
  • Drafting Bylaws and Amending Bylaws
  • Drafting and entering into consulting agreements
  • Stock Purchase Agreements
  • Securing Investment
  • Employment Contracts
  • Non-Disclosure Agreements
  • Registering Trademarks and Copyrights
  • Annual Filings
  • Liability Assessments
  • Removing/Adding Board members and Officers
  • Tax issues
  • Property Acquisitions

Mistakes on any of the above transactions or agreements can have long-lasting and devastating effects on your business for a long time. It is vital to have a corporation lawyer now to prevent future issues.

Why Hire a Corporation Lawyer?

A corporation lawyer is an expert in the type of transactions and activities your business deals with every day. Even the small decisions and contracts can go wrong if you don’t do your due diligence. As a business owner, you do not want to spend your time in books and on the internet looking up the best ways to do everyday legal tasks. Furthermore, you shouldn’t expect yourself to become an expert in corporate law and governance overnight.

A corporation lawyer can deal with legal issues fast and effectively, freeing you up to grow your business and spend time on what is important to you.

How Much Does a Corporation Lawyer Charge?

Corporation lawyers are all different with their pricing models, but generally, they will charge you their hourly rate for work done for your business. Their hourly rate is usually based on experience and can range from $200-$500 per hour. 

Some corporation lawyers will offer an ongoing retainer with your business. Typically, this is a monthly payment agreement wherein the lawyer will handle all of your business’s legal issues for that flat monthly price. In the long run, this is the most cost-effective way to retain a lawyer for your business, as you will have the commitment and expertise of having a full-time lawyer without having to hire in-house counsel.

Need a Corporation Lawyer?

Dealing with the constant legal needs of a business can be difficult and exhausting. You may feel like there is not enough time in a day to become an expert in every single legal issue your company may be facing. This is where a corporation lawyer is essential to the success of your business. Additionally, if your business is involved with any litigation, you must have a corporation lawyer.

That’s why you should have a corporation lawyer for your everyday legal needs. Turn to Mughal Law Firm for your business; the only corporation lawyers committed to you and your business success.