Niz-Chavez v. Garland

Notice to Appear
August 18, 2022

In 2021, the Supreme Court issued an opinion which focused a significant amount of discourse dissecting and analyzing the shortest word in the English language, the indefinite article, “a.” This opinion from the Supreme Court ultimately ruled on an issue of whether the government can serve an immigrant a notice to appear in immigration court through a series of documents which constitutes a notice to appear, or if the government must serve a single document called a “Notice to Appear” such that this sole document contains all of the requirements of a proper notice to appear.

Overtime Litigation Defense Attorney

Overtime Litigation Defense Attorney
August 11, 2022

Federal and state overtime law can be complicated. An employee can believe they’re entitled to overtime, and it can become a costly problem. Overtime litigation, like minimum wage litigation, an employee who successfully sues for lost wages can be awarded an equal amount of liquidated damages. That means an employee who is awarded $2,000.00 in unpaid overtime can also receive an additional $2,000.00 from you. And if multiple employees join in on the overtime claim? That can add up very quickly. It’s important if you’re being sued for unpaid overtime to consult with an overtime litigation defense attorney to try to pay nothing, or at least as little as you can.

Questions To Ask A U.S. Immigration Lawyer

July 13, 2022

When you go to a U.S. immigration lawyer for guidance and personalized legal assistance, you can expect a variety of helpful services. They can provide you with a case evaluation, where they get the facts of your case and determine what steps you should take. A lawyer can do tasks like explain the complex immigration laws to you. They can tell you about the requirements for entry into other countries, getting a visa, or becoming a citizen. An experienced and qualified immigration lawyer will help make sure that you are aware of the necessary paperwork and understand how to complete them properly. 

The Financial Restart Bankruptcy Offers

July 04, 2022

If you are having a hard time paying your bills and have thought about bankruptcy, there are a few things you have to know before taking that next step. Bankruptcy is the legal process of helping people who cannot pay their bills. It allows debtors to eradicate some or all of their debts and get on the path to monetary stability. Filing for bankruptcy can halt home foreclosure and repossession, or other actions taken on behalf of debt collectors. But there are other facts about bankruptcy that you should consider before using this tool as a financial restart.

Immigration Board of Appeals Decision in Matter of S-L-H & L-B-L

June 30, 2022

On June 30, 2021, the Board of Immigration appeals issued a decision which provided insight on the issue of in absentia removal orders, and motions to reopen proceedings after an in-absentia removal has been ordered. The decision re-affirms the power of an Immigration Judge to exercise discretion in reopening proceedings for immigrants who are removed in-absentia. The decision provides guidance for what factors an immigration judge should consider, and what types of evidence they should accept when making a decision on reopening proceedings.

Virginia Overtime Wage Act- VA Code § 40.1-29.2

June 02, 2022

Prior to July, 2021, Virginia had no overtime law on its books. That meant that employers in Virginia compensated their employees using the standards set in the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA). Since the enactment of the Virginia Overtime Wage Act, this is still largely the case. The VAOWA references several provisions of the FLSA, but in some key areas it differs in a way that is stricter than the FLSA. Employers should always follow the statute that compensates employees more for their hours, whether it’s a federal or state statute (like how the state minimum wage of Virginia, $11.00 as of the writing of this article, takes precedence over the federal minimum wage of $7.25). I

Should I Consider Estate Planning If I’m Young?

Should I Consider Estate Planning If I’m Young?
March 01, 2022

If you are single or young – or both, you’re probably thinking about how you don’t need to plan for your estate. The reality is that no matter at what point of your life you’re in, putting a plan in place for your estate and assets is one of the most responsible and beneficial things that you can do. Being prepared can pay off and put your family in a position of knowing what to do in case something happens to you. 

Estate Lawyer

February 27, 2022

When people know that they are going to pass away, there are times in which people have the desire to share their goods (sometimes special goods such as finances, with those that they care about).

The Benefits Of A Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Lawyer

Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Attorney
February 21, 2022

Sometimes unexpected finances can come up, which can cause families and business owners to pay higher expenses than normal. If the financial issue does not get resolved in an efficient manner, this could lead to debt and eventually filing for bankruptcy.

Top Reasons To Hire a Civil Litigation Lawyer

Litigation Attorney
February 17, 2022

When many people hear of civil litigation lawyers, they may think that the lawyer will force the client to go to court and will take all their money without actually helping them. This is an entirely unhelpful picture of civil litigation lawyers and it can mean that many people are not getting the legal representation they need when they need it the most.