Civil Suit Lawyer in Alexandria, VA

Civil Suit Lawyer Alexandria, VACivil Suits are how your rights and contracts are enforced. Nearly everyone gets involved in civil suits at least once in their life whether they are suing or being sued and the results of civil suits can have far-reaching implications for the rest of your life. 

When you file a civil suit, you are asking the court for a judgment. A judgment is essentially a written decision that can then be used to extract money from someone or prevent them from doing something. 

A civil suit lawyer is an attorney who specializes in either enforcing your rights and contracts through the courts or defending you against others seeking a judgment against you. A civil suit lawyer Alexandria, Va, residents recommend, can help you get the best results in your case or mitigate any damages you may owe to someone else.

Typical civil suit lawyers can help you with the following types of cases:

  • Breach of Contract
  • Insurance Disputes
  • Evictions
  • Negligence
  • Fraud
  • Employer Disputes
  • Malicious Prosecution

In any of the above cases, a civil suit lawyer will be experienced enough to determine what facts are important to convincing a judge and winning your case. Should you not consult with a civil suit lawyer, you may be risking losing your case or leaving money on the table.

Every type of case has its own elements that need to be proven in order to get a judgment. If you fail to prove any of these elements, the judge cannot give you the decision you are seeking. A civil suit therefore has to be well researched, full of facts, and persuasive enough to prove each element and convince a judge to give you a judgment. A civil suit lawyer is uniquely qualified to do all of the above and argue additional damages for you.

How much does a civil suit lawyer cost?

Each civil suit lawyer has their own fees but most will charge you by the hour. Long and complex cases therefore may take longer than simple breach of contract cases. Typically, the hourly rate of an attorney ranges between $200-$1000 depending on how experienced the civil suit lawyer is. 

Some civil suit lawyers will charge you a contingency rather than an hourly rate. A contingency is a percentage of the judgment won such as 30% of the amounts recovered. Not all cases can be taken on a contingency so be sure to ask a civil suit lawyer whether your case qualifies.

Need a civil suit lawyer?

Filing a civil suit is one thing, but winning a civil suit takes experience and research. In some cases, advanced knowledge of the law may be necessary in order to convince a judge of your side and get a judgment in your favor.

That’s why you should have a competent civil suit lawyer to take on your case and get you the best judgment your case is worth. Turn to Mughal Law Firm for your civil suit lawyer where we are committed to your success.