Virginia Expungement Attorney Alexandria VA

Virginia Expungement Attorney Alexandria VA

Virginia Expungement Petition

Virginia Expungement is a process to clear your record of a charge or arrest. It can be beneficial for background checks, credit checks, and employment opportunities. However, not all charges and crimes can be expunged. If you were found guilty of a crime or were punished, you cannot expunge that crime, rather you must get it pardoned by the governor and that is a much more difficult process. So what can be expunged? If you were found not guilty, the charges were dismissed, or the charges were not prosecuted, then you have a chance to get those charges expunged. Also, if you were charged with a more serious crime than you were found guilty for, you can also try to expunge that crime. If you think you have an expungable record in Virginia please find a civil law attorney who can help you if you live near Fairfax, Loudoun, and Arlington and Prince William counties.

Charges that Can be Expunged

The only charges that can be expunged generally are charges you have been found not guilty for or have not bee pursued against you. If you made a deal with the prosecutor to drop the charges, it can be expunged. If the judge dismissed the case or pronounced you not guilty, you can expunge that charge. Lastly, if you were charged with a higher crime like possession with intent, and it got reduced to simple possession, that possession with intent will show up on your record but can be expunged.

The Expungement Process

The first step of expunging your charges is filing an expungement petition. The petition is essentially similar to a civil complaint against the state that establishes both your statutory right to expungement and your particular good cause circumstances. Good cause circumstances can be something as simple as it is hard to get a job with that charge on your record. Once your petition is done, you must file it with the circuit court wherein you were charged. You will receive instructions from the clerk as well on how and where to serve the commonwealth and where to get your fingerprints done.

The Expungement Hearing

You will have to appear in court to ask the judge for the expungement and there will be a prosecutor present to either agree or disagree with the petition. If the prosecutor agrees with your petition, all you will have to do is proffer what your particular circumstances are and the judge will grant your petition. He will give you instruction as to when and how your expungement will take place and tell you that you will receive a letter when it is done. If the prosecutor fights your petition you will have to argue and try to convince the judge to grant your petition. If it is denied, then either you will have to refile or appeal the decision.

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