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Tort law is similar to contract law except for the fact that the contract we are suing on is a general contract we all sign when we exist in a society. Think of it this way, imagine if at the age of 18, we all had to sign a contract which said, “I will not intentionally or negligently harm people unjustly and if I do, I will pay them for the damage I cause.” In tort law, we assume that a person has signed that contract and has breached it.

So what are the terms of this fictional contract we have all signed? The terms of that fictional contract are defined in common law, or court-made law. Some of those terms include fraud, assault, battery, false imprisonment, defamation, Nuisance, Conversion, trespass to chattels, etc. They all also have similar elements. A tort will usually require some kind of act, intent to act, harm, and causation. For someone to commit a tort against you, they need to do something and intend to do some amount of that something that causes you some kind of harm. You would bring a tort suit to make yourself whole or compensate you for what you have lost as a result of that harm.

For instance, if someone punches your tooth out, you can sue them for your dentist bill and any other harms you receive from your lack of tooth. You can also sue someone for punitive damages as well depending on how bad the circumstances are. For instance, let’s say you are walking down the street and someone walks out of a bar and punches you for no reason without provocation. If you were to sue them for your broken tooth, you could also ask for punitive damages and the court would likely grant them as it is in the public interest to punish people who get drunk and punch random people.

Torts in this way are flexible and very fact focused. Thus if you have been harmed by no cause of your own, someone has likely committed a tort against you. If you think you have been harmed by a tort in Virginia please find a Civil Law Attorney who can help you if you live near Fairfax, Loudoun, and Arlington and Prince William counties.

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