Business litigation lawyer in Alexandria, VA

Business litigation lawyer Alexandria, VANo business is immune to litigation and often some type of litigation is common and the cost of doing business. Whether you are collecting on unpaid bills or defending your business against slip and fall cases, every business needs a business litigation lawyer to help resolve any issues.

A business is seen as a separate entity to their owners. Therefore, whenever a business is suing or being sued, they require an authorized representative to appear on their behalf. Most states do not allow business owners to represent a business in court. You will need a business litigation lawyer Alexandria, VA, or else the case will be dismissed or your business will suffer a default judgment.

The requirement to have a business litigation lawyer on hand may scare some businesses but the benefits significantly outweigh the costs. A business litigation attorney is experienced and knowledgeable enough to protect your business from windfall slip and fall customers and skilled enough to recover money from customers that refuse to pay their tab. Business litigation lawyers also help you maintain contracts and ensure smooth operation between your business and their vendors.

The most typically case businesses end up litigating are:

  • Breach of Contract Cases
  • Recovery of unpaid invoices
  • Disputes with vendors/delivery of goods and services
  • Commercial leasing issues
  • Vicarious liability cases
  • Employment disputes
  • Defamation
  • Trespass/embezzlement


How much does a business litigation lawyer cost?

Each business litigation lawyer has their own fees.  Often times you will be paying by the hour making long and complex cases more expensive than simple breach of contract cases. Typically, the hourly rate of a business litigation lawyer ranges between $200-$1000 depending on the experience of the lawyer. 

Some business litigation lawyers will offer an ongoing retainer with your business. Typically, this is a monthly payment agreement wherein the lawyer will handle all of your business’s legal issues for that flat monthly price. This is, in the long run, the most cost-effective way to retain a lawyer for your business as you will have the commitment and expertise of having a full-time lawyer without having to hire in house counsel.

Need a business litigation lawyer?

It is necessary for you to be prepared for the worst in order to have a successful business. Therefore, having a business litigation lawyer in the best of times may make the worst of times more tolerable. 

That’s why you should have a competent business litigation lawyer to handle all of your business’s legal needs, for litigation and for everyday operation. Turn to Mughal Law Firm for your business lawyer where we are committed to your success.