Registered Agent

Registered Agent Attorney Alexandria VA

Companies, Incs, LLCs need a registered agent in Virginia to receive legal documents and legal process service and may also help file Articles of Organization, formation, and other important documentation along with annual filing of reports with the Virginia State Corporation Commission.

So, what is a registered agent? A registered agent is a person  or business designated by companies, Incs, LLCs to receive important information and documents on behalf of the company. Registered Agent Services performs various representative roles, including the reception of process notices, compliance-related documentation, and even government correspondence as your small business` agent. 

 Do you need a Registered Agent?

While it might be tempting to designate yourself or a business partner as the company’s registered agent, doing so can have great consequences. First, a registered agent should always be available at the specified address and physical location to receive important company, Inc,LLC documentation from relevant stakeholders.

For your business to thrive, it is advisable to have a separate office to handle your legal documentation, complaints, and/or issues. With a Company, Inc, LLC Registered Agent by your side, you can rest assured that you’ll never be caught off guard. And the best part is that registered agents are expected to communicate in good time to help you prepare or react accordingly.

So, yes, your Company, Inc,or LLC needs its Registered Agent for it to grow as an entity.

What Will Happen if I don’t Use a Registered Agent?

Failure to have a professional registered agent to handle your company, Inc or LLC`s documentation can land your Company in trouble both with the state of operation and stakeholders. Your company can incur potentially avoidable fines and penalties, and even worse, lead to a lawsuit and negative credit history and trouble entering into legal contracts. 

Your company needs to be well placed to receive service of process in good time and either forward the communication promptly to your company, Inc or LLc’s responsible person and may also make relevant responses in efforts to comply with relevant regulations.

Hiring the Best 

Having an attorney or law firm as your legal registered agent can give you an edge and access to legal services and representation in case required. This makes it easy so your company does not waste time trying to understand and respond to the notice or warning but instead have a lawyer available to help respond to the legal notice or summons or complaint for lawsuit or Virginia state corporation commission annual report and filing fees notices.

To give your company, Inc or LLC the upper hand and eliminate the risk of being caught off guard by lawsuits, fines, penalties among other issues, you’ll need a trusted and highly experienced agent or you can hire a law firm to be your registered agent. 

Over the years Mughal Law Firm has helped business incorporate and provide ongoing monthly retainer services which includes acting as a registered agent. Mughal Law Firm does not provide registered agent services alone and it is offered with ongoing monthly retainer relationships. 

Over the years, Mughal Law Firm has established a solid reputation as an business lawyer Virginia, thus allowing its clients to focus on running their companies, Incs, or LLCs. 

If you are searching solely for registered agent services then there are dozens of companies that can be easily found online that provide only registered agent services. But if you need a lawyer on a monthly retainer agreement for your business then it makes more sense to have the attorney act as the registered agent.