IRS EIN Number Registration Alexandria VA

IRS EIN Number Registration

An IRS EIN number registration, Employer Identification Number (EIN) is the business version of a social security number. The EIN allows your business to comply with state and federal laws by paying taxes. Your EIN doubles up as a federal tax ID.

The EIN allows your business not only to pay taxes but also to hire employees, apply for business permits and licenses, and even open bank accounts.

To put it simply, your small business will need a federal tax ID if it takes part or does the following

  • Has payable employees
  • Operates as a partnership or corporation
  • Files employment tax as well as an excise tax
  • Getting and Changing an EIN?

After registering your small business or company, your next step should be applying for an EIN. Luckily, your federal tax ID is both free and easy to get.

Changing your EIN is also an easy process. You might have to change if your business does any of the following

  • Changes address
  • Changes its name
  • Changes ownership

Your business structure plays a huge role in determining your EIN replacement requirements.  

Getting an EIN

An IRS EIN Registration is crucial to your business. You must understand the state laws in which your business operates to learn more about employment and income taxes. As a result, it is always advisable to seek expert assistance to make the process both smooth and effective.

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With experienced business attorneys like Faisal Mughal by your side, you will be guaranteed of smooth EIN Number Registration as well as proper legal advice on conducting business in Virginia.

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