Business Lawyer Arlington VA

Business Lawyer Arlington VA

Having a Virginia business lawyer is critical to the success of your business. You might not need to have an in-house lawyer but you can outsource the services of a competent business attorney in Arlington, Virginia. The reasons for this are many and compelling.

Consider the following legal issues that will require the services of such an attorney in Arlington, VA.

Business License Registration

Registering your business license in Arlington, Virginia is not a walk in the park. There are many legal obligations to authorized government agencies. Fulfilling these obligations can be a tedious and time-consuming activity. Furthermore, you have to research to know these requirements and get in touch with numerous government agencies and collect the required paperwork.

What’s even worse is that you have to take time to understand the procedures and follow them strictly. All these are things that you can avoid by engaging the services of an experienced business attorney in Arlington, Virginia.

Mughal Law Firm is proficient in helping commercial institutions to accomplish their business license registration process without hassle.

IRS EIN Number Registration

This number is a requirement for any business operating in Arlington, VA. The EIN is a variant of the Social Security Number (SSN) and also serves the purpose of a federal tax ID.  Although you can get this number easily, you still need to have some working knowledge of how it relates to income, employment, and excise laws.

Besides, without this number, you can’t open a business bank account and commence doing business.

Mughal Law Firm brings years of experience in helping businesses acquire this number. We also educate business owners and managers about the earlier mentioned relationship between this number and other facets of employment.

Business Structure Advice

Choosing the most appropriate business structure for your enterprise in Arlington, VA can be challenging. This is more so if you are not well-versed with the legal implications of each of the available business structures.

At Mughal Law Firm we have the knowledge and insights to help you decide the ideal business structure for your company. Whether you want to make it a sole proprietor, partnership, Limited Liability Company, corporation, or cooperative, our well-informed team will help you navigate through the decision-making process and identify the best business structure for you.

Business Incorporation

Incorporating your business brings with it many compelling benefits. A corporation exists as a separate entity from the business owners; it offers you a limited personal liability and comes with generous tax benefits.

To incorporate your business in Arlington, Virginia, you must incorporate its name with the Virginian State Corporation Commission. There are some requirements needed for this to happen. However, some of these requirements and regulations might be too complex for you, or your representative, to comprehend within a limited time.

A reliable and experienced business lawyer in Arlington – like Mr. Shawn of Mughal Law Firm- can help you to expedite the process and interpret some of the complex legal jargon and concepts for you.

Partnership Agreement

Partnerships are a great way of growing a business. However, partnerships require you to draft and sign a partnership agreement. This agreement outlines the terms and conditions of the partnership.

Although you can easily draft this agreement, there’s the possibility that you might overlook some critical areas or miss some statutory and regulatory requirements of such an agreement.

An experienced business attorney will help you to avoid these blunders as well as introduce some legal dimension to the agreement.

We help businesses to come up with exhaustive and accurate partnership agreements that are in line with federal and state laws.

Registered Agent

When you hire our services as your registered agent, we’ll ensure all your legal communication and notices get to you promptly. We ensure the mails and notices are addressed correctly to your business address.


Bylaws play a vital role in making sure the business runs smoothly. After you incorporate the enterprise, your board of directors must come up with these bylaws to govern all the operations of the business. These bylaws outline pertinent information about the corporation including the shareholders, board of directors, and meetings among other general information.

The bylaws have to be in tandem with federal and state laws that regulate business operations. Besides, they have to be clear and exhaustive. Enlisting the services of Mughal Law Firm will help you craft top-notch bylaws and ensure smooth and legally accurate operations for your business.


If you are looking for the services of a professional and experienced business attorney in Arlington, VA contact Mr. Shawn of Mughal Law Firm now and have all business-related issues and questions addressed by a proficient business lawyer in Arlington, Virginia.